[SlimDevices: Beginners] Couple of Design Questions

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Tue Oct 25 20:23:10 UTC 2016

NetworkGuy wrote: 
> Thanks for the advice. :)
> Here is a thought, can I use an Android TV box instead of a SB3 or
> Touch?
In theory, yes. There's an app called SqueezePlayer that turns any
Android device into a player that can be remotely controlled via any
Squeezebox app.

The sound quality and the file types supported depends on the box, of

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- ASRock Ion 330, Lubuntu 14.04, LMS 7.9, FLAC
- *Duet* > Pro-Ject DAC Box E > AKG Hearo 888 Titan (home office),
  *Boom + Canton ASF 75 SC* (master bedroom), *Boom* (master bathroom),
  *Radio* (guest bathroom), *RPi2 + OpenELEC + XSqueeze* > Samsung
  UE60H6270 > Denon AVR-770SD > Mission 2.1 speakers (living room)
- *Classic* > Parasound DAC 1500 > vintage Wega Modul 42V amp (42E
  equalizer, 42T tape deck + Thorens TD 160 Mk II turntable) > Quadral
  Vulkan Mk II (music room)
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