[SlimDevices: Beginners] Is there a diagram of how the main elements of the squeeze software universe interact

moxbox moxbox.7pypmn at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Tue Nov 29 20:20:17 UTC 2016

bpa wrote: 
> The original author of the plugin created it (amainly the wavincmd
> application) and then more or less never returned. I've done very basic
> maintenance onplugin ever since.

Thanks for that -- esp. as Windows is not your system of choice.

>  Every Windows laptop I owned  (not my main system) has had a Stereo mix
> so I think it is a funciton of underlying audio hardware and the h/w
> vendor creating a driver.  I think when it is unavailable it is because
> the laptop manufacturer does not want the feature (possibly costs or
> extra support issues)

In another form, a person at Microsoft said that stereo mix was not part
of the new HD audio standard: 

> Windows just keeps changing their audio API and some application uses
> newer API rather the the v. old WAVE API that the wavincmd application
> captures so some application never worked with wavinput (IIRC Spotify).
> So maintaing a waveinput to meet your requirements is an endless task.

Right, I thought that was probably the issue.  I have Audacity, and
using the WASAPI streaming option there seems to work on all the
internet streams I've tried (incl. Spotify).  It looks like @ralphy has
built in support for ASIO, DirectSound, WASAPI and WDMKS to Squeezelite.
Is that the kind of update that waveinput would need to become
functional again?  If waveinput was a simple shell script, I'd try
modifying it.  But I don't know anything about creating executables for

In the meantime, I'll check out using VLC as you and @ralphy suggest. 
For now, sound quality is not the big issue.

thanks again!

LMS 7.9 Win 10 SBV3 duet 
serving vintage Marantz 2230, large Advents and ADS 710.  
funky and wonderful that this new tech can talk to this old stuff
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