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Tue Nov 29 12:37:14 UTC 2016

moxbox wrote: 
> The removal of the stereo mix functionality is well known -- if you
> google "stereo mix windows" there are many discussions of what to do,
> but none of these work for my version of Windows and soundcard
> (Convexant).  There are also threads in this forum
> People speculate that this option was removed after pressure from the
> Recording Industry, but I don't think that's true.  There is still
> software available that captures the Windows audio stream (e.g.,
> Audacity, and Streamwhatyouhear), so it's clearly possible.  It's just
> that the mechanism has changed, and Wave Input hasn't been updated to
> address this (at least as far as I can tell -- I'd love to hear
> otherwise!).

The original author of the plugin created it (amainly the wavincmd
application) and then more or less never returned. I've done very basic
maintenance onplugin ever since.

Every Windows laptop (not my main system) has had a Stereo mix so I
think it is a funciton of underlying audio hardware and the h/w vendor
creating a driver.  I think when it is unavailable it is because the
laptop manufacturer does not want the feature (possibly costs or extra
support issues)

Windows just keeps changing their audio API and some appication uses
newer PAI rathan the the v. old WAVE API that the wavincmd application
captures so some application never worked with wavinput (IIRC Spotify).

The usual complaint is that LMS has to run on system with wavinput.  So
for a Windows non LMS system to play system audio over LMS - convert
audio to a stream using Airplay, VLC or windows media center but often
this stream uses a lossy codec.

If you have a Linux system there are lots of other options (e.g. use
Pulse to do the networking)

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