[SlimDevices: Beginners] Is there a diagram of how the main elements of the squeeze software universe interact

philippe_44 philippe_44.7pvunz at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Mon Nov 28 07:17:33 UTC 2016

Basically the plugins I wrote/udpated over the last couple of years had
the objective to use non-squeezebox players from LMS as if they were
normal SB devices:

- UPnP/DLNA Bridge: transforms UPnP/DLNA players into a SB device. No
sync possible with any other players, except for Sonos devices (amongst
Sonos devices)
- CastBridge: transforms ChromeCast players into SB devices. No sync
with other players, except amongst ChromeCast players
- AriPlay Bridge: transforms AirPlay speakers, airport and amp into SB
device. Sync with any native SB player works. The most advanced bridge
as (almost) all SB capabilities (gapless, cross-fading, replay gain ...)
are available.

There is also ShariTunes2W which does a bit of the reverse logic with
AirPlay devices: it transforms all SB devices into an AirPlay player. So
you can use you iTunes, iPad/iPod/iPhone to stream to SB devices, they
will appear as a AirPlay device

LMS 7.7.5 - 5xRadio, 3xBoom, 4xDuet, 1xTouch, 1 SB2. Sonos 2xPLAY:1,
PLAY:3, PLAY:5, Marantz NR1603, JBL OnBeat, XBMC, Foobar2000, XBoxOne,
JRiver 21, Chromecast Audio, Chromecast v1, Pi B2, Pi B+, 2xPi A+,
Odroid-C1, Cubie2
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