[SlimDevices: Beginners] Is there a diagram of how the main elements of the squeeze software universe interact

moxbox moxbox.7ptp9b at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Sun Nov 27 03:24:49 UTC 2016

It's a bit overwhelming trying to navigate this forum -- a bit like
searching a dictionary for a word you don't know how to spell.

My specific query is whether there's an app (or an LMS feature) for
sending the audio stream from my laptop to an SB player.  

Reason?  To access the streaming services that feature user uploaded
content, like Soundcloud/Mixcloud/Hearthis.at.  I know there are
Soundcloud and Mixcloud plugins -- the former mostly works, the latter
not so much, and from what I gather from the threads here, the problem
is that the interfaces keep changing, so the apps require continual
updating.  The proliferation and evolution of these services suggests it
would be easier to just take the resulting audio stream from a computer,
rather than code a specific plugin for every new internet streaming
service.  But the existence of these apps suggests that there is, in
fact, no way to send the audio stream from a computer to an SB player. 

To the newbie, looking at the LMS interface, it seems odd that the
interface allows you to stream music from the internet, or from your
hard disk music collection, but not the audio stream that your computer
gets from the internet.

I'm guessing there's something obvious I'm missing here.  Hence the big
picture question in the heading.  Thanks!

LMS 7.9 Win 10 SBV3 duet 
serving vintage Marantz 2230, large Advents and ADS 710.  
funky and wonderful that this new tech can talk to this old stuff
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