[SlimDevices: Beginners] How to stream *to* a linux pc?

SuffolkPunch SuffolkPunch.6ukl9z at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Mon Mar 30 13:58:10 UTC 2015


I'd like to be able to play music streaming from my squeezebox server
(on pc A) at a linux mint 17.1 64-bit Cinnamon box (pc B).

What do i need to do at B?

My server details:

Logitech Media Server Version: 7.7.5 - 1416570306 @ Thu Nov 27
07:38:09 CUT 2014
Server IP Address:
Server HTTP Port Number: 9000
Operating system: Windows 7 - EN - cp1252
Platform Architecture: 8664
Perl Version: 5.14.1 - MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
Database Version: DBD::SQLite 1.34_01 (sqlite


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