[SlimDevices: Beginners] Design my Squeezebox setup?

valnar valnar.5tw95b at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Tue Apr 16 14:24:31 UTC 2013

Newbie here.  Never used Squeezebox before but have used Windows, Linux,
etc for years.  My video/PVR apps of choice are SageTV and XBMC, so I'm
somewhat familiar with the genre and concept.

I have a huge collection of FLAC files (album rips + CUE file) on a
Windows XP "server" which acts as my Sage Server and main repository of
all my media, including FLAC and various MP3 song files.  It is
connected to a gigabit switch and I have the whole house wired for

My desire is be able play music through two different stereos in the
house.  Both are full component setups with receivers that support
S/PDIF, have external speakers, etc.  I assume I want to run the LMS
Windows version on my existing WinXP server and then utilize some small,
low powered squeezebox enabled players at the receiver.  I can use one
of the apps on my iPad for a remote.  Yes?  Is it that simple?

Assuming I don't need the LCD display of an actual Squeezebox Classic or
Touch, are the various Linux options just as functional?  Is there one
more preferred than another?  What is the recommended "Beginner's
starter kit" in April 2013?  Thank you.

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