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Tue Dec 18 01:30:43 UTC 2012

hifidez wrote: 
> When tape ruled the world the best you could get would have been a COPY
> of that master.  Now we can potentially have a CLONE, an exact replica
> of what the producer, band, orchestra, engineer etc. created.  That's
> novel and exiting.
> Derek

I tend to agree with you about the *potential* for HD files to closely
reproduce the master. Unfortunately, this novel and exciting possibility
does not so easily translate into improved sound quality, as it often
merely exacerbates the effect of poor mike placement, inappropriate
equalization, excessive compression, and so on. Even when a download
site such as iTRAX claims (and hopefully delivers) to offer only files
recorded, not remastered, at 24/96, a poorly engineered recording will
remain as poor sounding in HD as in 16/44.1, or perhaps will sound

But the potential is there, and I do have a few 24/96 downloads that
sound terrific. Also some that sound no better than plain CDs. Without
entering the debate of whether one can reliably distinguish between CD
and HD, I'll take a well recorded 16/44.1 over a poorly mastered HD any
time. Indeed, my own vinyl digitized at 16/48 generally sounds 'better'
than some 24/96 downloads I have. 


Guido F.

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