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hifidez hifidez.5npq1b at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Mon Dec 17 10:24:25 UTC 2012

garym wrote: 
> My understanding is that one is NOT receiving a "clone" of the studio
> master in most of these files. And there are many hires files being sold
> that are simply upconverted (zeros added) from 16/44.1.  This said, if
> the hires files are from a *different* and better mastering (not
> brickwalled!) than the lowres files, then they are certainly worth
> having.

Yes, that's why I worded my post in the way I did.  In many cases the
files are upsamples.  Whenever I buy new hi-res downloads I just have to
take a look and see.  I use Adobe Audition and one can easily see if
it's genuine hi-res or not and I have  few titles which are plainly just
44.1KHz or 48kHz originals.  Also, ooking at the output of some of my
SACDs you can see that the music signal dropping off abruptly above 20k.
Bowie's Heathen does this IIRC.  The SACD is a waste of the format.


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