[SlimDevices: Beginners] Best Wireless Router for Boom?

toby10 toby10.3qznjz1240309802 at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Tue Apr 21 03:28:34 PDT 2009

eganders;416966 Wrote: 
> I would not put this off due to not having Linksys configuration
> software for a Mac.  I never configure my Linksys Routers with the
> Linksys software anyway as it's too milque toast. Any browser,
> including Safari, will work fine, and you get far more selective
> options on the HTML interface than the Linksys setup software offers.

+1 for WinXP applications.

Years ago I used the Linksys Setup software when I first needed a
router.  What a complete and unnecessary piece of bloatware crap! 
Reading online it was suggested to uninstall it, let XP configure it
and let XP handle WiFi setup and management.

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