[SlimDevices: Beginners] Best Wireless Router for Boom?

tcutting tcutting.3qyvbb1240273202 at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Mon Apr 20 17:19:59 PDT 2009

I can't see why that router won't work for the Mac as well.  Actually,
your Mac probably isn't going to be connected wireless anyway
(802.11g).  I have to believe the Mac works with DHCP, or you should be
able to configure static addresses (as many on these forums suggest -
I've been using dynamic (DHCP) addressing with my WRT54G router, but
sometimes have had issues when disconnecting/reconnecting devices which
may be due to address conflicts).
The configuration of the router is via Web interface, so shouldn't
matter if you are using a Mac to configure.  I'm not sure how the
firmware updates are made (the benefit of that router is that you can
install 3rd party firmware - but that isn't supported by Linksys).
I'm sure someone on this forum has used this router with a Mac???

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