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Mon Apr 20 12:39:19 PDT 2009

bazzer;416876 Wrote: 
> Hi,
> I didn't install DD-WRT on the Linksys router. I got the router second
> hand from a guy in IT at work. He set my network up at home for a small
> fee! Unfortunately, he left where I work so I haven't got any expert
> help available - it's just me and the router.
> Here is the dilemma, since I got the router I've had no downtime at all
> - works perfectly and has been very robust for internet and PS3 on line
> gaming for the kids hence my reluctance to play with it.
> I guess I naively assumed that the SB3 would connect wirelessly to the
> router without issues. I guess it's not quite plug n play yet! 
> I think the consensus of opinion would appear to be apply factory
> defaults and start from scratch. I need to think about this option but
> at the moment I'm feeling that I'm gonna get a little bit over my head
> with that option and possibly wreck everything.
> Well, thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments...much
> appreciated.
> If anybody knows of an alternative ways around this problem I'm open to
> (simple) suggestions.
> Cheers
> Colin.

The SB players are as plug & play as any other network device.   :)

You might want to get into the admin settings of your router and write
down any/all current settings.  Then you can start turning off some
features that may be hindering your SB from connecting.

Some things to check and possibly change temporarily. Maybe if you post
your routers settings someone may catch something that is causing the SB
not to connect.
- SSID broadcast ON/OFF
- B & G mixed?  Just B or just G?
- routers firewall ON/OFF
- MAC filtering ON/OFF
- see if the router is limiting the number of connections
- Block filtering (NAT, Ident, anon requests) though unlikely to be
your issue

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