[SlimDevices: Beginners] Is last.fm radio possible on softsqueeze?

wholelottaled wholelottaled.3qt6gc1240007703 at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Fri Apr 17 15:30:18 PDT 2009

Yes, SqueezeCenter is extensible via a whole mess of user-contributed
plugins. These range all over the map in terms of functionality, and if
you know Perl, you can write your own and put them out there for
everyone to enjoy. I'm just going to talk about a few that I use.

Awesomely, SqueezeCenter comes with my 2 favorite plugins already

Last.fm Audioscrobbler 

This plugin lets you submit your played track data to your last.fm
account, just like the last.fm software does for a variety of desktop
media players. Just enter your account info in the settings and you're
good to go. If multiple people connect to your SqueezeCenter using
different players, you can add multiple last.fm accounts and tell each
player to submit to a different one. Very handy if you don't want
last.fm to start recommending a bunch of crap to you based on someone
else's taste. NB: Remember to go into the settings for each player
(Softsqueeze counts as a player) and select a last.fm account - even if
you only have 1 account set up, all players default to not submitting
track data.

This plugin also lets you play a last.fm stream through your
Squeezebox, if you're into that sort of thing.


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