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RonM RonM.3qazcz1239158701 at no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com
Tue Apr 7 19:43:51 PDT 2009

The DRM on many iTunes tracks is a real problem.  At one point there
were converters that could be used to breach the copy protection, but
recent versions of the format seemed immune.  It's why I didn't use
iTunes until they started having the "plus" option for some tracks,
which had no DRM.  Of course, now pretty much everything on iTunes has
no DRM.

Anyone know, is Apple making the non-DRM versions of formerly DRM-only
tracks available to current owners?  They've never otherwise allowed
re-downloading of tracks, unlike eMusic and others which allow you to
download the same track as many times as you want once you've paid for

For what it's worth, I've done the burn-to-CD route.  I believe the
burned copy contains all the information in the original file, so if
then ripped to a lossless format it should sound the same as the
original.  Of course, it will be a MUCH larger file.  Ripping to a
lossy format will probably result in some loss of information relative
to the original file, possibly audible.  I'd try a lossy format at
higher bit rates (e.g. 190kbps or more) if file size of lossless is a


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