[SlimDevices: Beginners] How do I reduce the noise coming from the SB Receiver?

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knoljo;413422 Wrote: 
> My receiver is a 1 year old Sony STR-DE197.  The Duet Receiver is
> connected to the CD input of the stereo receiver by RCA.  I have
> several sets of speakers connected to the A terminals but the specific
> issue I'm asking about I am testing with a single set (two) of speakers
> (Element 6" in-ceiling speakers) connected to the Sony receiver.  When
> the SB receiver is on, the volume of the static is significantly
> louder.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Is there a way to make it go
> away?

If you even once hooked more then one pair of speakers to either
Terminal A or B, the Sony is most likely already damaged. It can't even
handle a 4 ohm load on just Terminal A. Only allowed to run one pair of
speakers on Terminal A and B with 8 or 16 ohm load.

Without knowing if the Sony is already damaged, it would be hard to
troubleshoot the Duet Receiver. But try doing a Factory Reset and
connecting just a normal pair of book shelf, monitor or floor standing
speaker to just terminal A and see have you get.

If the Amp is OK and the Duet, there are some options we can talk
about. But we have to prove both units are OK first.


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