[SlimDevices: Beginners] How do I reduce the noise coming from the SB Receiver?

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knoljo;413402 Wrote: 
> I recently purchased a SB Duet.  I have to turn the volume almost all of
> the way up on my stereo receiver to get enough volume to multiple sets
> of speakers throughout the house, but when the SB is on and nothing is
> playing there is noticeable static noise coming from the speakers. 
> Part of that noise is coming from my stereo receiver being turned way
> up, but the static at least doubles when the SB is connected.
> Is there any way to reduce the amount of noise coming from the SB
> Receiver?
> I am using RCA cables to connect the two together.

Please describe your audio system as in Brand/Model Stereo Receiver,
what Brand/Model Speakers and how the Duet Receiver is connected to the
Stereo Receiver (by digital or RCAs) and if RCAs, what input are you
using on the Stereo Receiver? How many pairs and how are they
connected? Are they connected in Series or Parallel? Most low to
mid-range mass produced Stereo Receivers can only handle one pair on
the A terminals and one pair on the B terminals of 8 ohm load each.
Some allow two pair of not more then a 4 ohm load and one pair of no
less then 8 ohm load on the B terminals. Better Receivers will allow as
many speakers as represent a 4 ohm load to both the A & B terminals.


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