[SlimDevices: Beginners] Transporter and Iphone as a remote?

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hessel;412002 Wrote: 
> Thanks for the information. Great forum! 
> Good to know that it's possible to use the Iphone as a remote to the
> Transporter. Will Transporter work with the new Apple Time Cabsule? I'm
> thinking of getting the 500 GB and convert my CD's to Flac. 
> The whole setup I'm thinking of investing in is: 
> Iphone as a remote
> Logitech Transporter
> Apple Time Machine, 500GB
> AVI ADM 9.1 active speakers
> 10" Subwoofer for ADM9.1 speakers
> Would that be a possible and good setup? How much would it mean if I
> substituted the Transporter with a Squeezebox reciever in this setup?
> After all the AVI is not quite high end but   this suggested setup is
> what I'm able to afford at the most.

You are going to need a PC/Laptop/Server/NAS that can host/run
SqueezeCenter if you want to play local files. If you just have to go
with the AVI ADM 9.1s, then I would just get a Classic or Duet. I don't
know what country you live in, but if it was me and I lived in the
States, I wouldn't spend $2300 on active monitor speakers. I would look
at a nice set of Thiel or maybe the Vandersteen Model 2CE Signature IIs.
Yes you would have to buy an nice Receiver, but that could be bought
with the money saved from not getting the Transporter. Or drop down a
level in speakers to a nice set of Thiel CS 1.6 or Vandersteen Model
1Cs with a nice NAD receiver and a Classic.

There are some really nice setup pluses to the AVI ADM 9.1s especially
for people with very small rooms or that move around a bunch. But they
are still active monitors at the end of the day and for my $2300, I
would rather have a nice pair of full range floor standing speakers. If
I had a small room or moved a lot, I would save some big bucks and just
buy a Squeezebox Classic and a pair of AudioEngine A5s.

If you have a PC already but don't want to tie it up running SC, a Mac
Mini and an external USB drive makes a great small setup for hosting SC
and your music files. Just borrow the mouse, keyboard, and monitor to
setup the Mac Mini and you're listening to music.


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